Vince Bracy is a seasoned Master of Ceremonies that has hosted hundreds upon hundreds of events from talent shows, weddings, & bar mitzvahs to concerts & beauty pageants. Providing fun & memorable entertainment for all occasions ranging from elegant to high-energy, Vince specializes in keeping the party going using his unique enthusiasm and personality to keep audiences engaged. Known as one of the most interactive & personable hosts in the industry, Vince makes it his duty to connect with every single person in attendance and show them a good time!
With a degree in Broadcasting, Vince was the On-Air DJ for a local morning TV show in New York City for 4 years. He went on to work for a cluster of radio stations doing promotions & hosting pep rallies in schools. Vince recently returned from a 3 year World Tour as a Master of Ceremonies for the Harlem Wizards, hosting show basketball games and helping raise funds to improve schools and communities. Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Races tapped Vince to be the Festival Emcee for their 2018, 19, & 2020 nationwide tours. He most recently served as the On-Field Host for The Somerset Patriots as well as the In-Arena Emcee for Seton Hall University’s Mens Basketball Team, hyping up the crowd of thousands at the Prudential Center for home games.
Pre-COVID, Vince was living out his dreams while continuing to utilize and grow his skills as an emcee in his first season as an In-Arena Host for the LA Clippers! Now he shares his philospohy on life via multiple motivational speaking opportunities and he also happily hosts a ton of Virtual Trivia Games for bringing joy to the employees of companies like Google, Apple, & Netflix. Vince Bracy is often called The Life of The Party! His warm, welcoming personality and contagious smile is what makes him an awesome MC, but his energy and passion for making sure everyone is having the BEST TIME EVER is what makes him the best choice for YOUR events! 

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