The Crew

As we all know, Vince likes to roll semi-deep. This is a page showcasing Vince Bracy and his close-nit group of friends that have helped him throughout some hard times and were very inspirational in the creation of the website that you see before you!


The Coolest Muggafugga To Ever Walk The Face Of The Earth !!!

 Vince Bracy aka “VINCEBRACY.COM”,”The Man, The Myth, The Website”, is an all around entertainer from the Bronx that aspires to be a television show host & eventually the next big media mogul of the future. VINCEBRACY.COM, the person, is considered to be not only “the life of the party”, but also a jack of all trades that chooses to focus on his developed skills in: emcee-ing events, rapping, and editing videos. VINCEBRACY.COM is for the people. He is all about promoting local talent and making sure everyone has a good time.

He currently interns at BronxNet where he is the official On-Air DJ for the Friday morning edition of “Open”, and is a devoted board member of WHLC: Lehman College Radio & The Meridian, Lehman College’s student newspaper. Vince is also a production assistant for Black Planet Productions, a family owned entertainment company, while hosting shows and running his own website as VINCEBRACY.COM.

Contact Vince At:
(646) 359-5176

Below is a link to a file containing a few recent pictures of Vince and flyers from events he's hosted. There are also videos on Google & YouTube.                                     


Shomari Brown is technically the founder of "The Crew" for bringin everyone together in one place. Shomari was a good friend and classmate of Vince in high school at Mount St. Michael Academy. He then befriended Eddie, Manny, and Abel in their freshman year at Lehman College and introduced Vince to the group when he transferred from Howard University in their sophomore year. Shomari and Vince have pretty much the same sense of humor, probably from being around each other for so long. Mr. Brown is known for being very artistic, technologically savvy, and also sarcastic at times. Shomari dreams to be an architect and is currently studying Computer Graphics and Imaging.


Edward Gonzalez is a natural born business man. He's always busy doing something and has a knack for knowing random things such as everyone in The Crew's class schedule and the times that the bus comes anywhere in New York skill has earned him the nickname "Edward Gonzalez Information Systems"...a name aside from his other nickname "7-Foot Baby" refering to his height & his babyface. Eddie is the President of the Lehman College Chapter of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Inc. and plans to use his Business Degree to go into Sports Management. 


Manuel Vanterpool is definitely the coolest member of The Crew. Manny is the proudest Dominican ever and also quite the ladies man. Mr. Vanterpool is usually being made fun of by the rest of the guys for his slow-motion walking or speech, but thats just because he's too cool for school. Manny is also known for his occasional outbursts, his knack for persuading the group, his love of sports, and also his gift of knowing random girls that no one has ever seen before.


Abel aka The Abandoner is the eldest member of the crew. He prides himself on his Ethiopian heritage, high GPA, and his willingness to care and help out someone in need. Abel is probably the most layback/carefree out of the guys. This can be proven by his often scruffy beard and his “notorious lateness”…anytime the crew wants to make moves…abel has to be givin a decoy time 4 hours ahead of the actual time just so he can show up an hour late….lol (if that made sense).When he’s not with the crew, he’s either: with his girl, in the library studying, or at home sleep not answering his damn phone. Abel is a member of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity , Inc. and the Society of Urban Male Leaders.


Toyese Adeyeye, the youngest of the group, is just straight up mad smart…he’s quiet for the most part, but don’t get him started on Jay-Z or Dwayne Wade. Yeezy officially joined the crew shortly after being inducted into the Society of Urban Male Leaders when he was offered an office job along with Vince, Shomari, & Abel.