New Pretty Lady: Jennifer D. Arjune

“My name is Jennifer Arjune and I am 19 years old and I currently live in New York City. I was born in Suriname, a country above Brazil that has beautiful weather all year around and great food. I am a model who also enjoys acting and dancing and I’ve won certificates and medals for swimming :). My specialty is belly dancing and I also enjoy other types of genres. I have been featured in music videos with platinum recording artists such as Juelz Santana, Jadakiss and many more. My looks are highly exotic but my personality tops it ALL! I’m very energetic and petite. I love my supporters who I call my friends. I am someone who is big on inspiration and loves to empower people especially women to NOT give up on their own careers. Anything is possible if you put your mind and dedicate yourself to it.”

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Management: Collision X Talent Network, LLC

Phone: 1-347-871-6224


Photographer: (Yellow Backdrop) Max the photographer
Photographer: Michael Daughtry

Queen of all Pretty Ladiez: Siria Alvarez
Siria Alvarez‬ is a‪ Video Arts & Technology‬ major that spends most of her time working on personal projects. In her free time, she loves ‪watching independent films and movies, eating at different restaurants, and hitting the city nightlife with friends.‬ Alvarez is a former fashion model and current President of "Strut & Destroy", an emerging model development company that provides services such as runway training and image enhancement, which she also founded. The company officially launches September 2012. Siria also does other work by request outside of the company such as film work (creative directing/editing, graphic work, event/project planning etc.)

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‪My company's website: ‬
‪Twitter: @StrutAndDestroy‬

‪My Personal Facebook:‬
‪Twitter: @iDestroyRunways‬

Siria's photos were taken by:
Curtis Bryant, & Leon Photowerks,

Pretty Lady: The Lovely Jazzy Jazz

Jazzy Jazz, a business woman born and raised in the mean streets of the Boogie Down Bronx. From the bottom headed straight to the top, she's a multi-talented singer who loves modeling and also has a passion for acting. Fighting her way through junior high school, she wanted a way out and auditioned for the prestigious Vocal Music Program at the Fiorello H. Laguardia Highschool for the Performing Arts and was accepted. She knew if she went to her zone school, Monroe, she might not have had the motivation that she has now. You can spot her singing covers at Sylvia's lounge in Harlem on certain Wednesday nights. Jazzyis currently majoring in Economics in Management and minoring in Music at Lehman College. Her future goals are to break into the music industry by writing her own songs, collaborating with other amazing artists and opening up a cafe/lounge that showcases all of her friends' talent and any underground artist whom she feels need to be heard. "Jazzy Jazz" is a Pisces that enjoys practicing piano, baking, working out, meeting new people, being spiritual, & bike riding. She especially loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.

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 The First Pretty Lady of the Month for 2012!!! - ASHESS COUTURE

Ashess Couture, born and raised in Bronx, NY, has never let her circumstances kill her ambition. Although raised by a single mother, she was instilled with the necessary discipline to secure her future. Ashess has admirably balanced school, work, and responsibilities within her household, while pursuing her dream. She realized the only way to attain a happy life was to not only excel in education, but to pursue her aspirations as well. Ashess is striving to pursue a career in Modeling and Acting. She strives to be an exceptional, and memorable model/actress within the entertainment industry. She's aiming to expand her experience further in Fashion Runway Shows, Commercial Print, Promotional Modeling, Video Shoots, etc.

Major: Liberal Arts
Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Shopping {Developing her own STYLE of dressing is a very difficult task, something that requires commitment}
Aspirations: To be a Criminal Justice Defense Lawyer
What do Ashess wants to do in life: "Inspire till I Expire!"

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Pretty Lady of the Month: The Beautiful Ms. Jordan Leigh

Jordan Leigh is a Business major at Lehman College with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. In her free time, she teaches step, which she has gained over 11 years of experience in. Jordan really enjoys traveling. She also likes event planning, working out, building her portfolio, and meeting new people. Her hobbies include making a difference through community service, being a "girly girl" (makeup, nails, etc.), going out to cool lounges or restaurants, enjoying great conversation, and learning about new cultures. A couple of Ms. Leigh's goals in life are to have her own event planning business and also to start a non-profit organization to raise awareness of violence and exploitation against women.

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Pretty Lady of the Month:  Fionia Amara

Fionia aka Fi is an Aries. She is a Theatre Major/Dance Minor at Lehman College and is currently in her senior year. She has performed in a couple of Lehman college productions such as "Cornbury: The Queen’s Governor", "For Colored Girls...", "As Bees in Honey Drown",  and her most recent "One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest. She enjoys cooking, dancing, hanging out with friends and partying. When she is not onstage or in front of the camera she sometimes works as a costume designer and as a hair and makeup artist. In her free time, she writes and reads plays and poetry, enjoys hanging out at Central Park, going to museums, to the movies and on occasion playing videogames and boxing. Her favorite sports are Football, Soccer and Hockey. She aspires to be a successful working actress and director and way later in the future a theatre professor. She is currently the vice president of the Student Theatre Association (S.T.A) at Lehman college and she will be looking forward to making directing debut this semester.

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All of Ms. Amara's Pictures were photographed by Robert Chojnacki of Robert Chojnacki Photography

PRETTY LADY: Sojier Rozell

Sojier Rozell Geiger, a sophomore Psychology major, is on the Dean's List in her college. Her hobbies include: dancing, writing poetry, & her new task of learning how to play baseball. Sojier says that, " Everyone wants to be successful but, in my success I want to help other people. " She would love to have her own Counseling Center for teens to keep them motivated in school and to help them cope with the struggles within high school and even college.


Pretty Lady: Vicky Ortega

Vicky Ortega an International Business major with a concentration in Marketing and European Studies & a minor in Italian at Ramapo College of New Jersey. In her free time, she enjoys reading and solving Sudoku puzzles, hanging out with family and friends, and she also loves to go out to all places from night clubs, to museums, to gardens. "I'm down for anything--living in the YES as much as I possibly can.", says Vicky. Ms. Ortega is a very proud sister of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc. since Spring 2007 which has helped her gain not only a big circle of "womyn" that help uplift her but as well as the people she calls her new family. Vicky's ultimate goal in life is to remain happy and positive. Career wise, she's not sure what field she would like to pursue professionally but does know that she would like to eventually work in a business setting, as a decision maker, and effectively use her Italian minor, since, Vicky says "I dont want all of these years to go to waste, as well as Spanish, since I am a native speaker. But one thing I need to do in the future is somehow help more girls into college from my hometown and away from thinking that having a child at 15 is the best that they can do, even if that was the case I want to help them know and understand that no matter what happens, you always have the opportunity in life to put your best foot forward towards better."

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 Pretty Lady: Dominique Williams

Dominique  is majoring in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and minoring in Early Childhood Education. In my free time she enjoys long walks in the park, playing cards and board games, going to the movies, playing pool, bowling, partying, and just relaxing. She has a very busy schedule between school work and modeling so she cherishes the moments when she can find time just to hangout and have fun. Dominique wants to be a high-fashion, versatile model who can advance very far in the industry. In addition, she wants to have a balanced life with a husband , kids,family,and friends.

All of Ms. Williams' pictures were photographed by Daniel of "Sharp Pixel Studio" :

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 Pretty Lady: Cari Almanzar

Cari, a Freshman at Lehman College in the Bronx is a Political Science Major. Her Hobbies are Swimming, Reading and Home Decor. She wants to get her certification to be a Lifeguard and then gain coaching skills to teach kids how to swim. Cari, then plans on spending four years at Lehman, going off to Grad school for Law and most likely writing fiction books on the side. 

 The Very First "Pretty Lady of the Month": Von Dechii

Wandeth Kudakwashe Gonzo (aka Von Dechii) is a freshman at Lehman College in the Bronx. Her major is Nursing; however her passion lies in Art (as you can see the tattoo on the inner side of her right arm. ) Wandeth's name is actually pronounced (VonDechii) The 'W' is pronounced as a 'V' and the 'th' is pronounced as a 'chi'. It is a Brazilian name due to her ethnicity. She is Brazilian and Zimbabwean. You can reach her at;; also you can reach her in Facebook (Von Dechii). The pictures that were taken as seen below/above were taken by Adam Clark. Adam is a photography major in Lehman College as well. Wandeth is an A student and on her spare time she usually hangs out in Lehman College's "Circle club", attends her duty as Secretary in "Black Legacy", or practices swimming/diving for the schools talented division three Women's swimming team. She speaks 4 languages fluently: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French and attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia HighSchool for Music, Art, and Performing Arts, her major was drama.

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