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Manny Gets Kicked Out the Group...Lol

 Goin' to Lunch PT 1

 Goin' to Lunch PT 2
Lookin' for Food in All the Wrong Places  
Lookin' for Food in All the Wrong Places PT 2 

 Cruisin' the Cafe 

Jamaican Me Crazy 

Keepin' it Kookooks...Lol

 Lexsy's Tittyhug Affair

 All That Glitter

In the Library 

 Urban Male Greenhous

Caribbean Students Association 

Apparently, Lehman Students Care, but Can't Tell Jokes

Chillin' Wit Essence

Niles Bracy Beastiality

Friend Request Denied

More CSA! (only on
Flyboy Needs Love ft. Antonio Banderas
 Vince & Niles Get Milk

Vince & Niles Get Milk PT 2

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 Sigma Phi Rho

Buffalo Really Wild Wangz